Jen’s Lockdown Turbo Training with Sufferfest!

I have to say I never expected us to be writing about turbo training.  I thought we had left that far behind, but here we are!  As many of you know, we are locked down in Tenerife during this pandemic.  The Spanish government have put in some very strict restrictions on movement.  We aren't allowed [...]

Weekly Training Plans for Older Athletes

So here we are. We now know what we have to do to regain the form of our youth, we have the gym membership ready, the training bike is on the turbo ready for our first interval sessions, the diet is sorted, the recovery routine is perfected and we are mentally committed and ready. How [...]

Intense Training. What is wrong with me? (This is a rhetorical question by the way!)

So let’s see if we can fill in more of the pieces of this jigsaw. Hopefully you have now realised that this dramatic drop off in performance is NOT a given, that we can control this. You have to be fit and healthy first and foremost and then decided that this active athletic lifestyle is [...]

How people age from a cycling perspective?

When I looked back at the first blog, I wondered if it was a bit depressing. What did you think? That wasn’t really the idea. I was trying to give you all some hope! The info that we have on ageing is quite damming BUT when you look closely at the few studies that have [...]

If you were new to Cycling what would you do first? + Sarah Vaughan’s journey to her first Ironman.

This might seem an odd post this month since most people reading this blog started cycling several years ago, but it's an interesting idea to reflect on and makes you think about whether you have everything covered. Most of us learn to ride a bike as a child and just hop on whatever we have [...]